Mission Model


El Rancho exists to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and serve people of all ages through conferences, conventions, camps, and holiday activities.

Who are we?

  • We are a Christian community passionate about pursuing and advancing the Kingdom of God.
  • We are a community who will not fear borders or tradition.
  • We will embrace our challenges and we will move mountains.
  • We are a community committed to prayerfully demonstrating the love and power of God to all who set foot on our land.
  • We are a business funded mission.
  • The business is run with generosity, honour and integrity.
  • We are a community committed to one another’s journey, life and wellbeing.
  • We are known for our generosity.
  • We will know the sound and call of Aotearoa
  • We provide hospitality to all who come here and find practical ways to respect, serve and honour them.
  • We ensure our guests safety and well-being is of high priority.
  • We train, equip and empower leaders to advance the Kingdom of God in all spheres of society nationally and internationally.
  • We will find ways to meaningfully engage with our guests.
  • We provide transformational, life giving programmes and events.
  • We support those in need and share our resources generously.


  • We serve the church and partner with their mission and objectives.
  • We serve schools and colleges providing life changing activities and experiences.
  • We serve community and religious groups with shared values and whom we can meaningfully engage.
  • We provide a safe environment where families can experience rest, connection and fun.