Apply to be a Camp Parent

Love kids?....even when they're not your own?!

We're looking for people interested in serving as 'Camp Mum' or 'Camp Dad' at our School Holiday Kids Camps.

The role involves:

  • helping to run the camp parent office during the week of camp (there will be other helpers, so you will get breaks!)
  • administering medication to campers and leaders
  • following procedures to communicate all injuries or illnesses promptly and efficiently
  • being responsible for communicating with leaders for camper's medical needs
  • being responsible for sign-ins and sign-outs throughout the day
  • attending trips off-site when required to administer first aid (e.g. beach or river walks)
  • being kind, nurturing and attentive to all child campers and teenage leaders
  • working well in a team
  • working within a faith-based Christian environment
***This is a voluntary role, but we can provide free accommodation (if required) and meals...
...along with complimentary spots for your own child/children to attend the camp that week***

Click here to apply!