Leaders 15 Years

Leaders (previously 2ICs)

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Beyond our Leaders in Training level our Leaders are 15 year olds who get alongside our experienced Cabin Leaders.  

This opportunity provides them with valuable training, to equip them for Cabin Leadership when they turn 16.

They will be hands on within a cabin, interacting with the kids all week and providing support to the Cabin Leaders. 

Click here to find out more about Cabin Leadership.

The cost to be a Leader is $95.00.

Please note that if you have previously been a '2IC' at camp then you will now register as a 'Leader'.

Apply here to come to camp as a Leader!
***Note: Our Female Camper Cabins now have all the Leaders they need....we only have spaces left for people to lead our Male Camper Cabins...Sorry!***

The actual Kids Camp runs from Mon 15th - Fri 19th April but Leaders will arrive on Saturday the 13th.