Pinewood is situated in the centre of the holiday park.

It is popular with group sizes of 30 - 80 people, such as schools, guides, family camps and youth groups.

You can self-cater or we can cater and bring the food to the venue from our kitchen.


It has two classic bunk room blocks, Rata and Rimu, with showers and toilets nearby.

View bedding plans here for Rata and Rimu.

Additional a
ccommodation is also available nearby for larger numbers.

El Rancho Accommodation Rata 2 448 x 299

Family Flats

Commonly used to boost capacity for Pinewood groups.

Just up the hill from Pinewood this accommodation adds an additional 24 beds. 

These are economical and clean units sleeping up to 6 people.
The front room has a bunk bed (2 beds) and dining area.
The back room has 2 bunk beds (4 beds).
The kitchenette is equipped with a small oven and hotplates,
crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils.
Shower and toilets are in an adjacent shower block.
Communal fridge/freezers are nearby.

El Rancho Accommodation


             Pinewood Hall
Pinewood interior

Pinewood Hall can be set up as a games room
for group activities or as a meeting hall with built
in fireplace.
           Pinewood Dining
IMG 7641 Pinewood Dining

Pinewood Dining can seat up to 80 people and
is supplied with plates, mugs, cutlery and utensils.
          Pinewood Kitchen
IMG 7642 Pinewood Kitchen

Pinewood Kitchen has 3 ovens, 2 fridge freezers,
large freezer, large toaster, microwave, dish
washer and zip.